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Hi everyone. This is my first post. I'll be starting Accutane in about a month, and i've been browsing this site to get an idea of what i'm in for. It has been so helpful! I think i'm blogging pre-medication to get some jitters out and maybe some reassurance.

I've been on acne medication for offically half of my life! I'm twenty-four now. I started with some minor pimples when I was about twelve, and our small town derm sent me out of his office with some samples of retin-a. Ouch, that was some harsh stuff! It didn't help, either. My zits turned into fullblown acne when I was about fifteen. Then it was time for the rounds of retin-a micro, differin, benzaclin, some crazy refrigerated medication and every over-the-counter product you can imagine. I was also on minocyclin for about three years, tried doxycyclin (major major photosensitivity with that, it was a no-go) and no results. I thought I was at the end of my rope and ordered proactive. It had miraculous, and almost immediate results. I was all set to go on one of their infomercials. But then, it stopped working and my skin was worse than it ever had been. I went through a pretty awful break-up, was stressed out of my mind, and on some meds that actually listed acne as a side effect. That was over a year ago and hasn't cleared up yet. I finally went back to the derm in the beginning of November. He started to suggest more antibiotics and topicals, but I put my foot down (i'm usually pretty passive and accepting with doctors!) and said I was fed up and ready to be done with this gross cycle. So, off I went to get on birth control, and now i'm just waiting to get my blood work done and get this started!

I realize that i'm in for a bumpy road. I'm dreading that notorious IB I keep reading about, but i'm very very committed to this process! I'm trying to get myself mentally and physically prepped. My family, friends, and co-workers all know that in about a month my moderate acne is probably going to explode into something atrocious. I've got a great and understanding support system off the bat. And i'm starting to drink water like crazy and keep my skin nice and moisturized so it doesn't go into dryness-shock! I'm ready to kick some acne ass.

And here are some kudos to everyone ballsy enough to post on this forum. Acne is gross and embarassing and, at time, debilitating to your self-esteem. Putting it all out there for the support of others is great and i'm thankful. Good luck to all of us!

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Congrats! Finally getting your hands on that prescription and popping the first pill is an exciting/terrifying feeling. focus on the exciting. the side-effects can be a pain in the ass, but they creep up so gradually that you just get used to them. i remember putting a gallon of aquaphor on my lips the first night, not realizing that it takes a week or 2 to even start getting any dryness. i just started month 4 and am finally starting to clear it up it seems. it takes patience, but i think itll be the best decision of your life. good luck

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