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How to increase topical efficacy and reduce topical irritation.

I stumbled across this by mistake and understand that it takes a bit of a leap of faith. Nevertheless, I know that we're famous for this on the Org.

I use 'Simple Rich Replenishing' moisturizer, 20% Skinoren Cream and 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide in the mornings. I replace the BP for 0.1% Differin Gel in the evenings.

Usually, I would apply my topicals one after the other, waiting several minutes between each to reduce irritation. The result was irritation and redness regardless of how long I waited (-especially with Benzoyl Peroxide).

One evening a few days before Christmas I was feeling lazy and instead of applying my topicals one after the other, I decided to mix them all together in my hands and apply them at once. Straightaway and after a few days I noticed two things: virtually no irritation and the topicals seemed to be doing their seperate jobs better.

I cannot explain the reduced irritation, but I can attempt to explain the increased efficacy. Under my old routine, each successive layer of topical would be partially blocked by the inner layers. This means that the outer layers (for me BP and Differin gel) were performing far less efficiently as I would have expected.

Under my new routine, they are mixed when applied, such that they all have an equal chance to act upon the skin. After about a week, (touch wood,) my red marks (post-inflammatory pigmentation scars) seem to be fading faster and there has been a marked reduction in inflammation.

Please try this and report back, I am very interested to know whether what I have experienced is a one-off, or whether it is something that can benefit the entire Org.

Good luck, and best wishes for the New Year!

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