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Hydrogen Peroxide works the same as BP!

Since, hydrogen peroxide has the 3rd highest over-the-counter acne treatment rating, I decided to check it out. But before I did, I realized something somewhat stunning to me. Maybe this is common knowledge, but H202 (hydrogen peroxide) and BP work in exactly the same manner to kill the P. Acnes bacteria, but are broken down somewhat differently. As many people know, BP is broken down into Oxygen and some other stuff, and since P. Acnes cannot live in the presence of oxygen, it dies.

Well, H202 is broken down into H20 (water) and 02 (oxygen) spontaneously at a very slow rate. But, every single cell in the entire world, EVERY SINGLE ONE, has a protein called "Catalase" that very quickly breaks H202 down, because it is toxic to a cell. So H202 works to kill acne by going into the P. Acne cells (and yours), and the bacteria breaks the hydrogen peroxide releasing oxygen and killing *itself*, ironically. The reason it doesn't harm your own cells at all is because it is simply broken down into water and oxygen, which is obviously harmless in animal cells.

So if BP works for you, maybe give H202 a try. It may be less irritating/drying on your skin, but it should theoretically work just as well.

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They oxidize the skin witch means free radicals are produced; this induces premature aging, because it increases the growing number of free radicals that the body naturally produces year after year.

Honey also decomposes, in contact with water, into a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. It does not harm the skin due to the antioxidants it contains witch balance the process.

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