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Roobois Tea AND Tea Tree Oil.

I had some sucess so I thought I'd share.

Admittedly it has stopped working so I'm giving it a break for now, but my skin is a little better than before :) And there's nothing wrong with a little hope, huh?

Roobois Tea.

I read about the tea here, knew there was some kicking around in the cupboard - so I thought what the hell. I was patiently drinking it like 2-3 times a day. Noticed there was an improvement - ...yay!

Tea Tree Oil.

About three weeks later (still drinkin' tea) I thought I'd give Tea Tree a go.

Pure.. straight onto my face (mmm...) and pretty much straight away (as in immediately, then and there) the pain in my face stopped. Which I must admit was exciting! It's not everyday you can touch your face without it being painful :rolleyes:

And it just went uphill from there, 'til I got lazy with the tea! So I started drinking the tea again - got better again.

So for me, I found Roobois good and I found Tea Tree good - but together they were pretty darn good. (It drinks the tea, rubs the oil on it's skin).

Although at the time I did feel like something was still missing... like I was attacking it from underneath and above - and all I needed was to attack it from the middle as well and that would've been the end of it. (Any suggestions on what I might have been missing - I am all ears!?)

But yeah if you're desperate and will try anything like me - at least this is a cheap possible waste of time/answer you've been praying for. :)


Get the pure Tea Tree.. but dilute it. It is really strong stuff.

And do not get that shit in your eyes at all.

Even the slightest whisper of it stings like a bitch. Don't try to wash it out with water though - it only washes MORE in. (Tears, blinking and a new section of clean damp cloth each dab.)

Not cool. Be very careful :)

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