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Pityrosporum Folliculiits

Hello, I have PF and I just figured it out last week after 14 months of trying oral antibiotics and other antibiotics. I have now been using a lot of products to keep it under control I was curious how any of the following things will affect PF.

1) How will shaving areas of the body affect it. Areas that the PF has been before but is controled at this point?

2) How will waxing affect PF. I want to wax my back for a tattoo but affraid it will go crazy on me.

3) How will tanning affect PF...will be affect it positvely or negatively?

4) Is this contagious?

5) Should I be washing bed sheets every night? or at least replacing them everynight?

6) I heard not to use simulants? why not? I use adderol, a medication for attention deficit disorder and its a powerful stimulant.

7) Will using anti-bacterial soap wash make PF worse due to killing off the bacteria or is that just or oral anibiotics. The reason i ask is because I think I am dealing with PF and sometype of bacterial at the same time. Also vice versa..will using funal creams like keto make bacterial Folliculi worse?

8) If a doctor was to misdiagnose somebody with PF, what is the most likely bacterial/fungal infection would it be?

9) How would taking anabolic steroids effect PF? Just curious.

thanks alot


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Hey, you're questions are pretty detailed and specific, so I'm not sure how much anyone on here will really be able to answer. Honestly, its probably best to either google the questions you are asking, or find articles about treating PT to see if they answer your questions. Or go back to your dermatologist and make them take a culture of your spots (so opening them up and taking a sample and testing it) and then advising you on it. So far, all I can tell is that Head and Shoulders kills the fungus on your skin. I'm not sure about long term effectiveness as I've only been using it for a few days.

I hope this helps.

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