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Looking for a Non-Greasy Moisturizer -- Why can't I find one??

Moisturizers no longer "dry" on my skin like they used to -- Instead, they all make my face stick to my pillow.

Neutrogena, Olay, Cetaphi - You name it, I've tried it and they all make my face feel sticky/greasy. My skin has gotten fairly oily lately so that doesn't help.

Suggestions, anyone??

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Hm that's a bit strange - Cetalphil for me works wonders.

Have you seen any other change in your skin? It sounds like your skin may be getting too oily, and the moisturizer not being absorbed is a side effect.

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Thanks for the replies,

calla lily: I've used aloe vera gel in the past -- Although it absorbes well, it's just not strong enough for winter. In regards to "Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel," I've actually thought quite a bit about getting this, thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking into lotion as well, which should offer more moisturizing.

marox: It's combination skin, and even if I wash it so it's squeeky clean and put a moistrizer on my face, even after giving it half an hour to dry, it still causes my face to stick to my pillows. It never used to in past years though -- Strange, isn't it? I'm hitting my mid 20's so perhaps my skin is changing.


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