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John Nowak

Personal experience with caffeine + acne

With my current regimen I have clear skin (see my other recent post). During the course of my improvement, I had stopped drinking caffeine. I had cleared up completely.

However, I wondered if this was due to the caffeine lacking or the new regimen. For the past three weeks I've been drinking caffeine heavily. Three-four glasses of mountain dew a day. I'm permanently wired. The result? Absolutely -no- increase in acne. I'm still clear.

I've been a pretty big caffeine drinker my whole life though, so maybe I have a tolerance to it. However, at least in my case, caffeine makes -no difference- when it comes to acne. Just thought you'd all like to know. :-)

I have found stress will screw you up though. I was recently through a very awful thing, and a few days later I had 3-4 blemishes, but they quickly faded. I've been clear since.. and this is coming from someone who used to have 20-30 blemishes at a time just 6 months ago. That new regimen rocks.

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apparently caffeine increases insulin resistance..which i believe is good for acne. i dunno it either increases or decreases but whichever it is, it's the one that is good for acne. it is also been discovered to prevent a certain type of diabetes. and i think some of the conditions of diabetes also increase acne symptoms.

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