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how can I hide big acne?

To be honest, there is no sure proof way to hide big acne. The best solution is to get rid of it rather than cover it with a bunch of products.

You could try some ice to lessen swelling.. maybe an advil.

Sorry if this wasn't much help.

If you haven't already you should try Dan's regimen. (get rid of the big acne instead of worrying about how to hide it).

Wish you the best.

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^ Agreed. You're better offer reducing inflammation. If you mean how to hide redness then I would still recommend putting non-coated aspirin on it and use a concealer (make sure you use clean fingers or brushes). Sadly, the bump(s) will still be seen but at least the redness isn't as obvious!

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When my face was really bad, I sucked it up and went into a Bare Escentuals store and asked for a makeover. The lady was so sweet and made me look a lot better. Bare Escentuals is great for problematic skin, and they are used to making over this kind of skin. It sucked because I felt bad about my face, but felt a little better upon leaving, so it was worth it. If you can find a Bare Escentuals store, just call or walk in and ask for an appt for a makeover. They will teach you how to cover the acne.

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