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Hundreds of Small Bumps That Aren't Visible-Sandpaperish-What should I do?

So I have NEVER EVER had acne on my cheeks and temples, but after using ACV toner, eggwhite masks, and Neutrogena's rapid clear AHA for red marks and pimples, I got hundreds of these small bumps. There is about 50, (okay i'm exaggerating more like 10) in the space of a fingernail). They don't hurt, they are flakey, and I can almost scratch them off if I want to.

The skin around them is red. It feels like dry skin, but in hard light I can see the bumpy texture. Once again, these bumps are extremely small. I'm really depressed because I have NEVER gotten acne in this area. it follows my hair/temples/down to my jaw almost.

What should I do? It seems a little irrirated. I could exfoliate using more neutrogena AHA, use some Neutrogena complete acne solutions BP night cream, or just keep on putting more aloe vera on it.

I've never had this before so I'm really confused. I would really really appreciate any help. :boohoo:


update sunday 12-28: I put on some lotion on the bumps so that they would be more visible in the picture. As you can see, it follows the hairline, with most by the temples and going down to my chin and surrounding my eyeline. just HUNDREDS OF THEM! I'm going crazy here.

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Hi :whistle:

That isn't acne, I'm pretty sure, but I think your regimen is a little too harsh for your skin. When using too many different products or using a product(s) that is too strong, these little bumps can occur. ACV is good for acne, but it is very harsh. How often do you use it? I wouldn't use it every day, but every other day and see how that works for you. Continue putting aloe vera on them, along with cocoa butter for a soothing moisurizer - cocoa butter also helps prevent scaring.

Tell me how this works :angel:

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thanks so much for the reply!

i was following delna's 90 page thread regimen, so i did it three days, every day in a row.

i didn't use it yesterday when i found the bumps, or today either. i have just been washing using neutrogena's complete acne system's SA wash. I have been applying aloe vera, and it STUNG really badly in the rashy spots at first, but now it is fine. it doesn't even hurt, or itch at all.

will continue with aloe vera. don't have cocoa butter? i can use the neutrogena moisturizer though.

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okay so now i just noticed that i have them around the top of my nose, in the eye socket area!

what should i do?

original post now updated with pics!

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yay they are all gone now! lightly cleansing helped a lot. they were just irritation rash bumpsp and are all gone now.

my face has no active pimples right now. yay! :D

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