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Post-Workout Skin Care

So, im really self-conscience about my face at the gym. I dont touch it, i dont use towels, i just let the sweat evaporate naturally. I always shower immediately when i get home, but is the time I drive from the gym to my house (15 minutes) enough for the sweat to clog my pores? I hate using those paper towels that dispense, they feel so nasty. Am I over worrying about this? Haha, thanks.

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dont wash your face afterwards.

From my experience... this makes it worse...

interesting. from my experience my skin looks shitty straight after sweating but later looks normal. i havent had any breakouts as a result of not washing afterwards. but yeh, i could see how this may not be the case for everyone.

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Good topic... I signed up for a running and conditioning course for next semester, which is in between lectures, so I can't go home and do a "proper" treatment for my skin. I'm kind of worried, too, but I think our skin will be fine as long as it gets a good rinse with plain water after working out if nothing else can be done. I'm planning on bringing aloe vera gel and sunscreen to apply after washing with water. Definitely don't work out with acne medication already on your face--the sweat and medication combined would irritate the skin.

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