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Larger pores due to accutane!

I have just finished my four month treatment of 50 mg a day. I had such high hopes that once i finish the accutane course I won't have to wear make up again. My face is completely acne free and I love it, but I'm now left with HUGE open pores, more noticable than before accutane. I cant stand how they look, they are so noticable and spread out over my nose and cheeks, so i have to wear makeup to cover them which will cause breakouts sooner or later, so basically I'll be back to square one. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Yups! The pores all over my face have seemed to become bigger, especially on my nose and cheeks =\

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Guest tofupup

I swear the same thing happened to me! I had been convinced all this time that I was imagining it, because everything I've read says that accutane is supposed to SHRINK -- not enlarge -- pores.

So when my face started looking like an orange peel, I asked my dermatologist what the deal was and he said, "No, your pores don't look any bigger."

I told him that he sees hundreds of patients a month; he saw my skin ONCE for about ten minutes a month ago, so there's no way he could remember how big my freakin' pores were a month ago.

His response: "Okay."

In other words, he was being the typical, uncaring, unknowledgeable dermatologist who doesn't give a crap about anything but getting you in and out the door in ten minutes so he can churn out the next, ten-minute appointment and buy that big vacation cabin in Aspen for him and his family to stay in and go skiing (or whatever rich doctors do in their free time).

So yeah, what i'm trying to say is that my damn pores definitely look bigger-- although no one but me seems to notice it. Ironically, putting makeup on does NOT help-- it simply sinks into the pores like tiny puddles and makes stupid makeup micro-dots all over my face, no matter how much i blend.

I'm hoping the damn things will shrink with some Retin-A treatments?

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I have always had very large pores, the difference now is that they aren't clogged full of gunk and oil and look like blackheads. Now they are clean and open.

Honestly, filling your pores with make-up won't make them any less noticeable, especially once they become blackheads again.

For me, I would rather have large, clean, open pores than large, clogged, filled in pores.

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