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Is Marshmallow Root good to intake for acne?

you are better off checking to see if you are getting and also absorbing your daily requirements of nutrients and examine the history of your diet to check for possible deficiencies. If by your own observation of your past diet you see you may have some deficiencys, most likely in minerals, then for a short period of time take megadoses of them to replenish their stores.

plants are great and may have some medical potential but nothing even comes close to the importance of dietary minerals from which even vitamins actions depend on, your heart needs these to survive and many hormone actions are governed by calcium, actually they are perhaps the bedrock of the foundation of all life itself, this may be why the body stores so much of it, if store are low all processes suffer. emtpy calories require minerals and vitamins to be metabolised, yet they do not replace the vitamins that were lost, so their is a metabolic cost of eating sugary foods with no nutrients. you pay for it with a decreased functioning of any one of your organs or cells over a period of time.

Dr. Alexis Carrel (nobel prize) kept a chicken heart alive for about 37 years with no signs of aging or disease by providing a steady supply of nutrients and cleaning away metabolites from the digestion process, he said the heart cells could have kept growing indefinitly.

From his studies it become reasonable to assume getting the proper nutrients may also benefit humans.

Sorry for so much random info i need an opportunity to practice repeating the info so i can remember it better, and hopefully it helps you out as well.

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