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It's much simpler than I expected !

Merry XMAS and happy new year to all of you and hope the new year brings the happiness and you all become acne-free.

Here, I am going to give my little story about how things were in the last few months.

I have had some sort of acne when I was in my early' 20s,a few zits every now and then but they seemed to go away quickly. I have been a very happy and confident person the last year or so because I hardly have had any zits any more and I only have like one or two maximum and they seem to be going away on their own. I was not even using any soaps or anything and only washed with warm water because I think all soaps and face wash gels irritate my skin so I just decided to just use warm water and everything was fine. I was happy I used to go clubbing at least twice a week I used to stay up late, eat all sort of foods, and yet everything was fine and I hardly had any spots for a year or so.

Like about 2 months ago or so, I started to had some sort of red zits which then develop a white head and they were full of puss. I have those only on my forhead and nowhere else. I never had those sort of spots before. Actually my forehead was the area that I hardly had any spots on in the past. The spots I had recently were different from what I ever had before and no sooner than the existing ones start to go away a couple of new ones start to appear. They appear without any warning, for instance, I look in the mirror in the morning and there are no new ones. Then in the evening they start to appear, first as a small red spot and they they bump.

I was wondering why ? and why now ? why on my forehead and not where I used to have spots (The area where I shave)? I was very upset and felt down for weeks. Like two days ago, when I was really feeling down because a couple of them new spots appeared I googled why acne on forehead?. One of the forums I read mentioned something about “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate†& “Sodium Laureth Sulfate†which are ingredients in some of the shampoos. That made some sense to me because I believe that I started to have those spots when I changed my shampoo and what made me even doubt more is that I started to have some small red spots near my head line since I started this new shampoo.

Surprise Surprise !!! I stoped using that shampoo for a day or two and I never had any new spots ! I am really very happy that I came across that advice ! I felt very down the last few weeks because of em stupid spots and thanks to someone on here who gave me a couple of websites that list some of the ingredients that could irritate the skin and cause spots ! Unfortunately, some of those ingredients are part of many of today's shampoos and face washes !

So yeah , be careful what you wash your face and head with. I am convinced 100% that some face washes and hair shampoos make you break out. I tried some face washes and soaps before and I used to break out. My advice is to use a gentle one that does not contain any harsh chemicals, have a look on this website “http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist†.

By the way, I am a great believer in BP 2.5 for mild acne. It did a good job for me. Apply it at night and be patient. Also my first and most important advice is to not use any harsh face washes or shampoos and never ever irritate your existing spots with face scrubs or harsh wash clothes because that causes scares and leaves marks. Let them heal on their own. By the way, if you have oily skin try Apple Cider Vinegar. I started doing that and I could notice the difference. Add a table spoon to a glass of water and drink it. It tastes sour but nice and I really like the taste. Also taking zinc is said to help promote skin self-healing.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and all the best in your war on acne.

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