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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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Hey guys.

I dunno if you've heard of it, but there's a technique which can remove any emotional issue, any bad feeling, even beliefs. It works - you feel the feeling, you tap various points on your body, the feeling goes away. Its called EFT. Its a great manifestation tool too.

The way it removes beliefs (which are basically anchored thoughts to feelings - i.e you felt a feeling once.. a bad feeling and you rationalized it with a thought - then you associated the two together and it became a belief - classical conditioning). Heres a non-sense belief you may be guilty for ;) - "People dont think that those with acne are attractive". Its just not true... but as much as you tell yourself that its not true.. you still feel like it is. But if you tap on the belief.. you clear the feeling and the belief dissolves and gets replaced automatically and naturally with something positive. Basically in NLP terms, it collapses negative anchors.. so you dont feel the feeling anymore when you get a certain stimulus. For example, you dont feel worthless when you see your acne.. or at least youll feel less bad and have to tap all the beliefs around acne and all that to feel neutral towards your acne.

Anyway, try it for yourself. The applications are endless.

Here are some videos/sites.

Main site -> http://www.emofree.com/

EFT introduction --> http://www.emofree.com/splash/video_popup.asp

you can get the free manual here --> http://www.emofree.com/downloadeftmanual.asp

But you don't need to read the manual or know how it works for it to work, so here are simple instructions - watch the video on the main page --> http://www.tapping.com/

Also, download the 'tapping points summary' cheat-sheet from the tapping.com website.

I would start just with negative feelings for you to experience the clearing of these feelings.. then you can tap on beliefs and specific feelings.

Start with a setup statement "Even though I have this feeling, I deeply and completely accept myself." And tap each point with "this feeling". You can say it in your head or outloud, doesn't matter.. all that matters is you feel the feeling that is bothering you when you're doing this.

Tap and see how you feel. You might feel a bit different or more neutral.. but itll take a lot of tapping to notice a difference in how you're coming off or acting etc because tapping literally shifts your reality so to speak.

You can then start tapping specific named feelings once you cant feel any more negative feelings --> and it does the same because reciting the feeling/situation/idea brings about the proper feeling you can tap. If you're wondering whether you can tap away positive feelings.. answer is no. Negative feelings are blockages in the nervous system and tapping allows them to get unblocked and positive feelings to flow. I had a small fear myself that eft takes away positive feelings, but that again is just a fear that you can remove - your mind is screwing with you if that happens and its ok.

Then, you can take it a step further and find limiting beliefs - which is a bit more tricky.

Take a goal in mind that you want to achieve i.e feeling comfortable with your acne around people.

And ask yourself: "What's stopping me from feeling comfortable around people?"

The first thing your mind pops at you - tap it - even if it doesn't makes sense. It could be - 'because I have acne and none likes acne' - tap on that even if you feel its true -> "Even though I have acne and none likes acne, I deeply and completely accept myself." Then, ask yourself again the same question, you will prob get a different answer from your subconscious, another limiting belief - tap it too.. it is like peeling layers off of an onion. You will get to a point where you don't get an answer.. which is great. One person will have different limiting beliefs that others.. so they're both not true.

Ask if you've got any questions - specific issues, clarification, doubts, whatever.

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I can't acess any videos right now, but this sounds similar to CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Which basically breaks down the mental/emotional reaction process into "Think, feel, act" rather than "Feel, stew on it for awhile, and then do something destructive".

Although this sounds more like a psysiological thing - i.e - how your mind works affects your body, and visa versa???

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You know what, I gave this a try, and I am so happy with it. I didn't do it to help acne because I'm pretty content with my acne right now, but I took a really bad memory that I keep flashing back to, giving me horrible regret all the time. After 5 rounds of the tapping thing, I have completely accepted that memory and it is no longer troubling me.

I might give this a go for acne, but I'm content with tapping's results on other emotional issues I've had. And the best part is, the guy who made tapping.com made it everything completely free because he just wanted to help people, not get money.

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Initially you probably shouldn't do it on specific issues because if you do it on just bad feelings that that you feel in your body, you tap a lot of issues at the same time which that feeling was conditioned/rationalized with. Most of your negative feelings dont come from the present moment; they come up as a conditioned reaction to something similar that happened before. For example, If you tap on a bad memory like korkow did (which includes the sight, sounds, people that are there and is combined with a bad feeling that arouses from that bad memory), the sight, sounds, and the people will stay as a memory, but you wont be able to bring up the bad feeling anymore after tapping it out. You keep tapping on simply bad feelings, its like turning off lights in a small town at night: you turn off one, you wont see a difference, but you turn off 30, and you will probably notice a difference, you turn off all the lights, the town isnt there anymore.

Its not so much like CBT, it dissociates feelings completely from the memory, situation, thought (collapsing the belief), or whatever else.

Yes exactly - the "mind body connection". What happens in your body is first comes a feeling, then you rationalize that feeling (whether its good or bad) with a thought.

For example, someone rejects you, you feel bad because it brought up the feeling that was conditioned into you before (perhaps an earlier rejection or something similar like you asking for something and them not giving it to you), then you rationalize the bad feeling with a thought like "they rejected me because im too fat" or whatever. So now you have a bad feeling conditioned with a thought, creating a new limiting belief.. and this limiting belief will keep affecting you until you do something about it. Its a simple survival mechanism. When you remove these feelings and collapse a bunch of anchors, you dont have to act in spite of your bad feelings, you just act without thinking about it or forcing yourself because its natural and theres no limiting beliefs stopping you from doing what you want.

You may notice that when you tap on a limiting belief, at the end of the tapping, your belief will change to something more positive - all that is is your mind rationalizing the positive or neutral feeling that replaced the negative feeling.

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I read about EFT this morning and then searched on here if there was anything on it and found this thread...I'm gonna give it a go because last week my doctor gave me anti depressants and I refuse to take them...I'm hoping by some miracle that this tapping stuff will actually work...anyone else tried it?

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