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is it time for AHA for me?

I started the regimen approximately 3-4 weeks ago with dans 8oz kit and im going to run out of supplies in a few weeks so i'm ordering more tommorow. i'm wondering if i should add AHA to my regimen now. my skin can take 2 full pumps of bp morning and night. no more pain and alot less redness, my skin is still very flaky though. i also intend to order jojoba oil tommorow as well for the flakes.

my skin is basically the same as i started the regimen. first 2 weeks the bp purged my skin like crazy and i had at least 15 active white heads all the time with a few cysts. most of that is gone now and i'm back to about 5-6 whiteheads with no cysts. alot of my pores are clogged, mainly on my chin and around my nose. they aren't swollen and aren't visible unless your 2 inches away from my face. if i squeeze my chin puss comes out. from what i've read AHA is supposed to unclog these but i'm not sure.

there are also tons of red spots pretty much everywhere that i've had a cyst or had to pop a whitehead in the last few months.

i'm not sure if i'm supposed to add AHA to my regimen yet. can someone please advise me as to what i should do.

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