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Hi all,

I have been using Duac, a prescription type of BP, with a strength of 5%, for about a year now. I have noticed almost since the beginning that the cream makes my skin noticeably 'a bit pink' (as my mom says flatteringly). Obviously this is undesired. However, i am loathe to stop the medication because i am worried that i will have a sudden breakout, and will have to turn right back to it, except now with worse acne than i currently have. I also use tazorac cream at night, and take 1 antibiotic tablet doryx daily. I am wondering if anyone has any advice. Upon consulting my derm., she said that 'i might as well stick with it' until i age out of acne (currently 19). Good advice? I'm also worried about all this talk of bp prematurely aging the skin, as well as promoting free radicals, w/e the hell those are. Thanks in advance for your help!

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You could try 2.5% BP gel - research has shown (mentioned on this site somewhere) that it is as effective as 5 and 10% BP, but with less irritation.

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I agree with above, switch to the 2.5%, its been shown to be just as effective. If it still stays red, try applying for half an hour at night then washing off and moisturising, I found this still worked well and my skin had time to calm down by morning.


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