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Nooooooooooo.... I am getting body acne.

So I woke up today initially to an improved face in the mirror, and was quite content for most of the day. Then as I was just innocently touching my neck, I found a pimple, and then another one on my thigh. I've had moderate-ish acne on my face for about 4 years now, but I have never had it anywhere but my face, and I thought I was saved from body acne. But now I know that it is a very real possibility.

And what makes it worse is that my older brother (who still has acne) also has body acne, and every time he comes home (from out of town), he makes me really disappointed because I think whenever he grows out of acne, I will at that age to. Well he just turned 21 and still has bad acne, which means I'll probably have to deal with this crap for another 4 years.


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Try using some anti-acne soap in place of your usual soap for the areas that have acne.:) This is anecdotal, but they say lemon or papaya soap helps dry out body acne. Glycolic acid soap or benzoyl peroxide soap may also help.

It's also possible that it's caused by shampoo/conditioner residue. Try soaping up your body after rinsing off your shampoo/conditioner.:D

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dont worry. body acne responds extremely well to mild treatments if its not very severe. i used to have a few pea sized pimples all the time on my chest/shoulders plus a bunch of clogged pores i could scratch out until i started using salicylic acid body soap. its been about a week and a half and theyre pretty much gone now.

at first i thought it was just my normal soap (dove bar) that was clogging my pores, so i used actually no soap on my upper half (except armpits) for a bit. the acne was still remained, though.

so yea im still amazed that its working. SA soap isnt even supposed to work from what i read here because it has too high of a pH, but somehow it does.

im tempted to use some on my face now too...

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