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how soon until we can achieve perfect skin regeneration?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry in advance for the long post, but as you can see I am recently a new member. I have been visiting this message board for the last several months now and have finally decided to join. I visit this site everyday for hope...as i know do many others.

I'm 24, female, and have been struggling with my skin since college. Through high school I would have the occasional breakout, but nothing too serious, and my skin really was quite beautiful. However, at the beginning of college I started to develop cystic acne. I would get these deep nodules that would become super inflamed, break open, and leave these circular rings of scar tissue all over my face. I have seen several dermatologists, used washes, pro-activ, been on meds, used elcina and copper peptides, and have even had a few fraxel treatments. I am clear of acne (luckily) but am left with a scarred face. In addition, I recently contracted MRSA which has left large scars on my face as well.

Many of my scars are what dermatologists call "superficial" because many of them are these flat rings of scar tissue...but they make my skin tone and texture look horrible - especially since they stand out from surrounding healthy skin. The MRSA scars have also left deep, indented, circular crater scars in my face that look so horrible in certain kinds of lighting. My biggest one is square between my eyes - so obvious - and it is impossible to cover. :(

I was always very confident, happy, and outgoing, and now, I have become very depressed and reclusive. It stems from the last 7 years of having problems with my face and I am beginning to feel very hopeless and tired. I try discussing my scarring with my parents and I get little support. When expressing that many others on this site feel as I do, my family refers to the site as a "cult" and tells me its just life - deal with it. It is so discouraging. All of my family members have never had skin issues so they don't understand the pain and they think that I'm being vain. I don't know why so many people ignore the severity of this issue. To me, if it starts affecting someone's quality of life, it's a serious issue. In response, my parents have encouraged anti-depressants and a therapist...which I have seen and find useless. Paying money to talk to someone about this issue doesn't change what I see in the mirror everyday. Anyone else going through something similar?

My hope for this topic was to address research into perfect skin regeneration. I have read all of the scarless healing pages...and although it offers much insight on research being conducted, there are many speculations. I think we can all agree the treatments out right now only offer little improvement. And I don't want just improvement - I want total restoration! With so many advancements today in technology and health, it blows my mind that we have not yet achieved this. Is this even a possibility? If so, how long until we can reap of these benefits? I understand the human body is complex...but how aggressive are scientists and researchers being with this issue?

I think about my age...I am very young and this is supposed to be my prime! And instead I'm constantly hiding. I know that there is so much more to a person than what they look like, but I feel everyone deserves the right to normal skin. I am confident that I would be attractive if my skin was better...and that is what is so depressing. Is there any hope? I have read that some people believe scars are locked into our DNA while others think it's just too much fibrous tissue. I have also read that some scientists are looking into "healing" with no scarring - however, many of us are not healing. We already have scars. And I am sure as heck not going to peel my skin back and sprinkle a little Acell on it, hoping for the best. There has to be a better way.

If we could devote this thread to current regeneration research such as gene suppression and stem cell research, I think it would provide inspiration for many of us looking for a cure - and maybe even some emotional support. :) I find it really hard to just get out of bed some days - think about what it would be like to never have to feel self conscious about our skin again!!!

Sorry for the long post...but I hope that the outcome of this thread will be helpful to us all. :)

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I was recently thinking about genetic manipulation too, and not necessarily in the sense of altering our genetic code.

Genes code for proteins, and those proteins aren't necessary to be produced 24/7, so there are things called "activators" and "repressors" that either block or activate the production of a protein. Proteins control *everything* in our bodies. The point is, if we could identify some of the common genes responsible for acne, we could potentially block them with medication. Thereby getting rid of the source of acne, not just the bacteria.

This is big to me because I know absolutely that I have genetic acne. Everyone in my family had acne troubles as a teen, and my brother has severe acne (luckily I've kept mine somewhat at bay). And while I agree that diet has a effect on acne in many people, no matter what I do diet-wise I know I will still have acne because it's so rooted into our family tree. They've already discovered the genes that cause thousands of diseases. Who knows, maybe they'll find the gene that causes genetically-linked acne!

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You just sum up all the thoughts Ive had exactly and I couldnt put it better then you. U're 24 and young im sure perfect skin regeneration will come at a time when you're still in your peak. keep up the faith!

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