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Algae Extract in NuCelle a problem for anyone?

I've been using the NuCelle system for oily skin for 5 days now. I use the NuCelle cleanser, toner, 10% serum, moisturizer and sunblock. I see that some of these products have algae extract in them and I've read that this can aggravate acne. But I've read soooooooo many great reviews from people who have acne who have used NuCelle and it's cleared their skin and tightened their pores. I am having an IB from the NuCelle (mostly flesh colored bumps all over my face and a few whiteheads with pus) but I just wonder why/how this works for acne if it has algae extract in it?

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my same thoughts. i can't figure out if i'm having an IB from the nucelle, my moisturizer, or just from the algae extract. i'm gonna try to get in touch with them and ask them specifically this, see that their response is. i'm surprise this hasn't been addressed seeing as how many people really like mandelic acid.

does anyone know of any mandelic products without the algae extract?

after a bit of forum research this is what i found on another thread:

Some people have wondered about the algae contained in the NuCelle products. I contacted the company and received this reply:

"The algae that are found in our Dermatologist developed NuCelle Mandelic Marine Complex formulations is an ingredient called Seamollient. Seamollient is in cosmetic formulations that our chemist has used for years because it is non-comedogenic."

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I'm pretty sure the algae in NuCelle clogged me. Vivant and Garden of Wisdom both make mandelic products without algae. I used Vivant for a long time and really liked it. I don't use mandelic as regularly anymore, but when I do, I use Face Reality Acne Clinic's mandelic. I don't think they sell it to non-clients of the clinic though.

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