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Lyme Disease - Food Intolerances and Acne

It's probably been a year since I last wrote on this board because I had figured out that my severely oily skin, inflammation and acne were due to food intolerances that seemed to develop and get worse over night, and leave me with nothing to eat but protein and certain vegetables.

Well, come to find out, I have Lyme Disease, estimated almost six years undiagnosed (other symptoms besides skin and food allergies), and my Lyme Literate doctor, and the other "Lymies" I've spoken with said, yes, Lyme Disease causes food intolerances - wheat, gluten, dairy, etc. you name it, i have it.

I'm not saying everyone who finds that food intolerances that cause acne means they have Lyme, I'm saying that this very common, underestimated disease that wreaks havoc on your body more than the advertised "fatigue and joint pain."

the good news, once these people were treated for lyme and other co-infections, they were able to eat these foods again without a problem. I can't say their problem was acne, but the body manifests inflammation in many different ways.

there are over 100 strains of the lyme bacteria. it is all over the US, and the CDC has admitted to under reporting cases stating that in actuality it is more like 240,000 cases per year, not 20,000.

just wanted to bring this up, since i know i'm not the only one who has noticed certain and maybe all groups of foods make them break out.

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No. the problem is testing is not accurate. if you go to your primary care and ask for a Lyme test, they'll probably send you for a lyme screen, and if not, and they send you for an elisa the more accurate, 75% test negative because the sensitivity/specificity is way off, and with a negative test the western blot is not run - this is the more accurate test. it reports bands.

if you have under five bands they will say you are negative, but 5 was established by the CDC for reporting purposes only. you can have one band and be positive. it's often a clinical diagnosis, and the bloodwork needs to be run and looked at by a Lyme Literate Doctor - which is a internist literate in Lyme Disease. they send it to a special Lyme lab.

they are all over the country. if you register here you should be able to find one...


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Thanks for your post.

After 10 years of random symptoms, I finally learned that I have lyme.

Never had an acne problem, but after 3 months of antibiotics, my forehead and face broke out like a teenager.

I'm trying to pin point what caused this to occur in the past month.

I've been on no sugar, no dairy, no wheat for 5 months

Possobilities in my mind:

- Nuts (I do eat a lot of nuts, and will try stopping that for a while)

- The antibiotics (Tindimax, Azyithtromycin, Doxy)

- It all started after a few bikram yoga classes so I thought it was a heat rash, but stopping Bikram doesn't seem to have helped the acne

- Swollen lymph nodes? I've seen mention of that as a contributing factor

- A side effect of detoxification from the lyme treatment?

I'm curious what you attribute your successful response to...

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