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Hi guys

I'm new here. i'm a 25 year-old male and have had acne since I was 15. It's so annoying as now I'm in a professional job that requires meeting people on a daily basis and occasionally doing interviews on camera and I never feel confident or happy when I wake up in the morning and head to work.

I've tried all the usual suspects, visited my doctor, etc but have never been able to obtain clear unblemished skin on a consistent basis. I have oily skin, which I'm told is not the problem as oily production is good for the skin.

But anyway, I've since been on this treatment called Systeme Active from a company in the UK called Zena Cosmetics www.zena.co.uk. My daily skin care routine consists of using one of their programmes and 3 HRI tablets per day. Recently I've started drinking green tea also and I'm currently weighing up the pros of having a colonic hydrotherapy treatment too.

The reason I ask about Zena Cosmetics is that I can't seem to find anything from anyone else on other forums? I've been using Zena for about 9 months now and it definitely has improved my complexion and skin but it hasn't prevented it from having outbreaks.

It's this reason that I've decided to have the colonic hydrotherapy as I truly believe that my skin problem is caused from internal upheavel.

Please let me know if you've had any experiences with Zena products.


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