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I went to a derm and they put me on samples of Differin and Clenia, I went back in a month, he said the Differin was working but the Clenia was not. He gave me a prescription for Differin. He said he was going to put me on a oral anti-biotic, I insisted that I did not want to be on a pill, so he said to try a sample of BenzaClin and come back in a month, I agreed. The sample he gave me lasted about 1 week? I then had to call the derm up for more samples or a prescription, they had no more samples so wrote a prescription, (only reason I wanted a prescription is because it seemed to be working). I got the prescription and went to CVS, the pharmacist then told my mom that BenzaClin was going to cost $$108.00 and that she could just give me B.P. and and Clindamycin in two different topicals and it would be the same, but she had to call the doctor to tell him or something. So I had to wait ANOTHER day, let me remind you I've run out of BenzaClin for about 5 days or so by then and it was going to be a another whole day without it. So my mom went to the Pharmacist after work and they gave her PanOxyl (10% B.P.) and another OXY Spot Treatment (10% BP). They are going to give the Clindamycin sometime soon.

Now see, the BenzaClin was only 5% I believe, this sudden switch to 10% is really burning my face.

I'm really pissed that this pharmacist got my mom to get these two products instead, I mean honestly, they want me to wash my face with PanOxyl, rub in another layer of Clindamycin and THEN Differin? AND IT'S 10% NOT 5%.

I'm mad right now and I have no idea what to do, my face feels like it's on fire right now and I have a bad cold.

(I know the pharmacist was trying to help, but cmon...)


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