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I have a date in 4 days and I have acne on my cheeks like wtf

I never had this kind. Its loads of little bumbs on m face that are same color as my skin(some are red) Im like wtf is this I need to take them off. This all I have to use CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE and MUPIROCIN. I want all this stuff to go away lol its [issing me off. Im tired of all these people with good faces and I have to deal with some stupid ass bumps. Next time I see some one with a perfect face (thats my size) IM going to punch them in da face!!!!

Sorry but help me.

Also I dont want to go out and buy stuff because I have tried about everything lol its all shit.

I also stoped touching my self last year when I finally got laid lol. So its not me masterbaiting

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Yah I feel your pain. :wall:

Really you only have like one option if you want to get rid of them fast, and that's to go to a Dermatologist. If you haven't been, they'll probably say you'll have to wait like a couple of months, but they tried that on me and I just paid a visit to their office in person and gave them alot of money lol. They won't say no. The only treatment to get rid of them IMMEDIATELY is a lazer acne treatment. I can't guarantee you can just march in and they'll do this, but let them know what you're going through.

You can/SHOULD also try the acne-free diet. That's where you eat NOTHING BUT FRESH fruits and veggies. Avoid sugar, corn syrup (which is in like, EVERYTHING), fried/greasy/oily/fattening foods, and any kind of sweets. Since you only have like 4 (possibly 3 by the time you read this) days until your date, you can survive on fruits and veggies for that long no matter how hard it may be for you. And drink ONLY water! Tons of fresh, bottled water. If you can't live w/o soda, then try the wonderful sparkling water, which is available in tasty flavors like lime and lemon. It's a big change but worth it for clearer skin. Try Purier sparkling waters. :) Take multi vitamins every day along with an over-abundance of vitamin A, fish oil, and cod liver or shark liver oil. Talk to your Dermatologist over the phone if anything, for more info.

Good luck. Have a fun date :dance:

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Almost impossible to get rid of non-inflamed acne in 4 days, sorry.

You need to exfoliate and get the dead skin off to prevent these clogged pores. Use some glycolic acid, and yes, you have to go "buy" it.

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