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I Was Finally Prescribed Accutane

Let me tell you first the journey I had to go through...

I went to a dermatologist here in my small city a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and he was an old man in his late 60's I would say.

I have an oily skin condition, which explains a lot of the acne that I do get. I work out a lot and do sprints, jogging, and such. (Obviously it sucks to have oily skin when doing those forms of activities.)

The stupid dermatologist WALKED out on me when we started to talk about accutane, and how I read that Isotretinon can really help those with oily skin and cases of rosacea. (I have both).

Well I was really furious at that dermatologist, but didn't let him keep me down, so I made an appointment in another city...

This female dermatologist I see was SHOCKED that I even went to that dermatologist, as he doesn't even prescribe patients with accutane....

Boy I could have used that news sooner, but she told me that she would prescribe it to me if my bloodwork comes back good.

So I will have bloodwork on Jan. 2nd, and then back to her office on the 6th to hopefully get started!!

I have been counting down the days since my appointment on the 15th a couple weeks ago!

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Sorry you had such a bad first experience, but I'm gald you found a derm who'd a better match for you. It took me a couple tries too and I'm glad I didn't stick with the first one because it's best to like someone you're going to be seeing at least once a month for the next six months. Good luck with everything, I hope Accutane treats you well!

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I had to go through hell and back (2 years of it) just to get my prescription so i know the feeling! Now im one week into my course of Accutane and so sooo happy im finally on my way. Best of luck to you.

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