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First person shooters.

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Since when did first person shooters get such a bad rap..i mean, i saw on this news documentery about internet security and fps's (first person shooters) were ranked way up there with porography, viruses, etc.

Although it did somewhat "influence" some sick individuals into killing others, why should fps's be taking all the blame? Does this mean, the ESRB ratings are not enough? Should all games be labeled with a "Please enjoy responsibly" sticker, just like how alcohol is?

They say we can be heavily influenced by the games. If thats right, I think I'll go play some tony hawk pro skater 4, then grab my board and land a 50-50 to a Nosegrind to a Noseslide and finally to a Overcrook at the local skate park. Or maybe I'll hop on a plane to some desert land and with my trusty tri-barrelled rocket launcher, kill some reincarnated 3 headed Pharoh Kings. Yup, sounds good.

There's a difference between REALITY and VIRTUAL reality, go figure out what that difference is.

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They want something to blame except themselves. Sure games can influence people, but so can a movie like Natural Born Killers or Seven. If they are not smart or sane enough to realise what they are doing is just make believe then they have no place being in society. And if kids of seven years old get influenced by this, the game is not to be blamed but the unwatchful parents.

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hehe......you want a good FPS ??!!


best FPS ever!!! CUZ ITS FREE!!!!!!! its super cool :D

and its fully 3d!grtz marc

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