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lower dosage less chance of depression??

so im considering a 2nd round of accutane...but i am so scared of becoming depressed! i already had my first round of accutane on 40 mg a month back in Jan-May of 08....since then i have experienced depression, but i cant 100% attribute it to accutane.

Ive had depression in the past and I have had a lot of stressful things occur since then which from any normal person would feel depressed! If i take 20mg per day would this minimize my chance for an even deeper form of depression? I think a lot of these mental conditions which are attributed to accutane are dependant upon the individual and how he/she approaches the drug. If a person goes into the situation thinking he/she will be depressed and is fearful, that person will have a greater chance of blaming accutane for any incurred depression/anxiety while on the drug. Am I correct in thinking this?

I dont wanna have to take accutane again because I feel that i really do not know the main cause of my acne and I think im scared to try everything again in order to find out. I know there may be some other treatment that may prove to be effective for me but I dont think I have the money or time to try....

Life sucks and people get depressed...is accutane really the main culprit? I think i might become more depressed if I let my acne get bad again...i really need some help people!

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