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I feel like people rearrange my face

have u ever tried to talk to someone and at first it was natural and then u started to look into their eyes and then u kinda feel like theyre listening to you but at the same time u NOTICE that they're looking at ur acne marks or ur acne and u suddenly start to feel weird / uncomfortable? thats happened so many times with me LOL especially with girls ;) but i still love em

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Sopmetimes yar, but i'm pretty good with make-up and i'm pretty much clear so not so much these days, but before - all the time...yep, makes you very uncomfortable lol

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well, acne is on the face.

if you're talking, and they're not looking into your face... that's the clearest signal that you are boring and they're looking for distractions.

but they are looking into your face. good.

now, if your face has acne, they can't not notice it, right?

but they can not care, right? or they can care. but then, why would you care what they care about?

you would, but only if you care about her. and if she cares about you, she won't care about the acne.

problem solved!

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Lol, I just do the same to them. If I see someone staring at my zit while I'm talking to them, I'll stare at something on their face, or if there isn't anything there, I'll make my eyes get all big and keep staring at their forehead. x3

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