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Can someone give me advice/ rate my severity

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Hi kobe Fan,

Did you read what I wrote for you? Can you give me your email address so that I can send some of my clients photos for you to see and suggest to you some help and advice for your problems. I am a International Certified Beauty Therapist and Consultant and I am not joking about this. I can prove my two certificates to you.

Kindly let me know your email account or you can email me directly : [email protected]

and I will send you some tips on how you can cure your acne problems. Sure Works and many of my clients with problems like you have tried that and they are happy now with beautiful skin again and full of confidence once more!! Guarantee!!!

Do email me now so that you can solve your acne problems which I think is quite bad.


International Certified Beauty Therapist & Beauty Consultant

(CIBTAC-England, IPTI -England)

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Hello my friend, I am only 15 years of age and have been suffering from acne for the last 4 years.

I've discovered a simple programm that can make your face better. ( It worked very well for me, reducing very pimples ) Firstly eliminate all sodas, Fries, burgers, and all the other junky food. Start eating healthy including soups and fruits. Drink a lot of water ( 8 glasses a day as a minimum ) and wash your face once or twice a day with an acne developed product. If you have to shave never do it with a blade ( it causes irritation ) instead use shaving machines and always apply aftershave afterwards. Touch your face as little as possible and always keep your hands clean. From time to time change the pillow cover with a clean one ( to prevent bacteria )

This Simple Program should do just fine, the acne developed products i use are Dermofardi ( 5 times a week ) and Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatnment wash ( 2 times a week ) and after applying this product I use Clearasil StayClear ( to keep my face moistuirised )

In my case after only 4 days i've noticed that acne started to reduce and only having 1 to 2 breakouts a week.

Hope This Helps :angel:


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hey kobefan

my skin is similar to u and i have like 3 cyst on both side of my jaw line.

i also use the TTO facial wash by the body shop and thats it.

i dont like their toner/moisturizer sinces its not effective.

its best if you stop worrying about it.

my routine is cleanse face with TTO facial wash morning and night and thats it. if my face gets really oily during the afternoon or after exercising then i simply wash it with water and thats it

washing your face 3 times a day will irrate it.

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Have you try see a dermatologist and consult about it? Because I think with your skin condition, don't try to experiment yourself it can cause a very bad effects. Or maybe you can do some research here*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

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I have no miricle cure, however some suggestions that you can try if you want.

Be gentle - it may feel bad but being aggressive with it wont probably help in the long run, we want great non abbused skin after its all cleared up, healthy skin will probably combat the actual acne better than stressed and malnourised skin.

Make the inside better- i heard somewhere that if your liver and kidneys cant cope with daily toxins then the body tries to get rid of it elsewhere (ie. through the skin in the form of acne)

So keep this in mind, everyones liver function and capabilities are different, when you see all those people eating fast food all the time and it not having any affect on their faces.

Try a Liver/bowel clense, reduce the amount of toxins going in, you might have a delicate system that gets overloaded quickly. The eating a peice of fruit a day is a great start (should really have two) lots of water, lots of veggies, red meat a few times a week, cut back on dairy (seems to be an aggrivator) Vitamins and Mineral tablets, for girls Evening Primrose Oil tables, and Vitex 1000 (Chaste Berry Extract)... both those tablets from a health food store/supermarket, check with your doctor/natropath first if you want (both are natural)

Keep everything as natural as possible. raw fresh veggies and fruit.

Sea Salt baths - i think there is a disscussion on here somewhere about it. To mimmic swimming in the ocean

Olive oil wash- again another disscussion somewhere on here. It may feel weird using oil as a wash, but just because you have oily skin doesnt mean that you need to dry it out (that tends to make it worse- so make sure you moisturise! I skip toner but never skip moisturiser- if i do my skin gets doubly oily trying to compensate for the dryness)

:think: if i remember any more i'll post,

but my thing is... your skin is the largest organ of your body, it absorbs everything toxic and non toxic, all that stuff has got to go somewhere, so be nice to it, feed it good things, oatmeal scrubs, salt baths, olive oil, almond oil.

If you wouldnt eat it, why absorb it?

Good luck !!!! i hope you find something that works for you:cool: remember these are just suggestions, do your research, google it (that what i do for everything :shhh: ) see other peoples results


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Erm i saw a doc few days ago and he prescribed me some doxycycline and bp, its clearing up now, those clustered cyst flattens but theres still brown marks.

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