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I've been on this forum since August 2005, learned a lot of stuff, taught a lot of stuff from public posts to private messages, and now I'm pretty much inactive because i either outgrew my acne, started eating healthier, cut dairy out, ceased the use of heavy chemicals

One thing people still do not understand is that regimens, products, foods, and abstinence of certain food or products VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON.

It's annoying to see some person stick their face into one thread and begin preaching and imposing their thoughts about how 'MILK, DAIRY, FOODS do not cause acne, you're all ignorant, crazy, stupid or stressing out and that my lifestyle and philosophies of curing acne is paramount."

It's definitely nice to hear your personal, intellectual review on a product/food/regimen to provide us all with better insight for future reference, but please do not ignorantly impose your belief onto another just because they believe otherwise from you.

some products/foods/regimens work better for one person than the next, and some have more adverse affects upon one person than others.

products like proactive, vitamin b5, fish oil, apple cider vinegar, etc

foods like chocolate, soy milk, salt, sugar, ESPECIALLY milk

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i feel the same way. it's like people feel the need to fight to the death for their beliefs in an attempt to reassure themselves that what they are doing is working. they are so high strung that the act of fighting for it is probably causing them more stress and acne than they would get otherwise.

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don't let it get under your skin. you know your body more than someone who hasn't even seen you in person.

i barely reply on here anymore because of that. i'd say 70% of the stuff on here is "wrong" or myths that won't go away lol. i use the google button and reliable sites now.

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