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Tazorac/Duac Question

Merry xmas everyone in advance.

So I was looking through some of my xmas eve pictures and I was completely saddened by how bad my face has gotten due to scarring and new acne. So now i have a question I want to ask.

I'm on duac topical gel (clindamycin 1% and benzoyl peroxide 5%) that I apply in the daytime as well as Tazorac 0.05% that I apply in the evening. I've been on it for a month and the only thing that I've noticed is that I am experiencing inflammed acne bumps that I normally have never experienced before that seem to be focused on only a few areas of the face that I normally don't get acne on (like under the right side of my jaw) which after reading articles and forums posts here as well as information from my dermatologies I've learned that this period of breakouts is the "initial breakout". What gets me though is that these bumps only appear towards the end of the day when I apply duac (or so i believe). I tried not putting duac every other day for a week and noticed that I didn't have as much inflamed acne as I did when I did use duac. So is it possible for duac to cause breakouts or is the breakout due to Tazorac. Also is it possible for a breakout to last for over a month? It seems as if I've been breaking out on this new medication for well over 3 weeks and I'm completely demoralized right now because of how bad my face has gotten as opposed to a year ago when I was completely fine when differin/benzaclin still worked for me.

thanks in advanced.

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