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Hello everyone! I'll start off by saying a bit about me and my skin type, etc.

So I am a 14 year old teenage girl. I live in Mississippi where the weather is humid and hot!

I first started getting acne when I was about... 12, so 2 years ago. I know that doesnt seem like that long compared to a lot of other people who have been suffering with acne for muchhh longer than that. But I dont want to have to suffer anymore. I hate acne! It has made me lose soo much self confidence and I can't be myself around people or draw attention to me because Im afraid they'll just be looking at my pimples on my face. :confused: My mom has dry skin and got little to no acne when she was a teen. And my dad has oily skin and got acne as a teen so maybe I inherited it from him? [CURSES! haha]

Okay, now a bit about my skin type. My acne type is light-mediumish [at times] I usually get about 1-2 new pimples a day with the ones I already have on my face which is like 5-6 pimples at a time. I have medium to very oily skin. Usually after I use my cleanser about 2 hours later it will be oily again. My most acne prone area on my face is right on my chin and inbetween my eyebrows. I have soo many acne scars in those two areas! [i cant help myself but to pick at my pimples!]

A couple of products I have used in the past are 'St. Ives Blemish Scrub' or something like that. It made my skin soft but didnt do anything for my acne. Then I used the biore cleanser. Nothing there. I also tried the AcneFree 3 piece kit, it says its better than proactive so I decided I'd give it a shot! Well, it seemed to work for the first 2 weeks and then I stopped using the toner, which made my skin soo much better. But after a while I realized that the cleanser did nothing for me. [loved the repair lotion though] Oh and it did dramatically fade my acne scars ;) I still have some of the repair lotion and use it sometimes. Hmmm, what else. I used the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Scrub and I LOVE that smell! But of course it didnt work. Now my skin isnt sensitive at all its pretty tough. But after just a week of using that my skin was sooo dry, even though I put on a moisturizer afterwards! and It made my skin very shiny after I used it. So I did not like that.

I know there is some other things that I used too .... oh, the clean and clear acne kit. Long story short... didnt work at all. Okay so thats it with that now Ill tell you what I am using right now.

-Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Scrubbing Cleanser [i know thats not the right name for it but its something like that]

-Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer

-sometimes I'll use Acnefree Repair lotion as a moisturizer

-usually 1-2 times a week I'll use a home mask like an egg white mask or aspirin mask.

I know it sounds really crazy but I find it leaves my skin soft, oil free, and most of the time it will help with my pimples.

I have been using those products for about two weeks and its kind of helping but not really. Im starting to break out again around my nose. So thats not good..

After doing a bunch of research and what not I am thinking about getting the Oxy Chill Factor daily wash [it has 10% salycilic acid in it!] or the Oxy Maximum Strength acne wash which has 10% benzoyl peroxide instead of the salycilic acid, along with the oxy moisturizer. Ive heard mostly great reviews for it and it sounds pretty good. So yeah, I think im going to give it a shot! ;)

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when you find yourself getting to oily that usually means you are WAY to dry from using to many cleansers either or you are overwashing your face to many times a day.

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never ever overwash your face. Acne is not a dirt ! Also, make sure you use a wash or cream that does not irritate the skin. Breaking out near the nose area is a sign of skin irritation which might be caused by the harsh stuff you use. Have a look at this site http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist and try to use something that does not contain any of the harsh ingredients listed there.

I tried many face washes and most of them irritated my skin and caused more break outs. Try Clean & Clear Oil Free Cream Wash. I love the feeling of it and it has not got soap ingredients in it. Also, apply some BP 2.5 at night to the affected areas. BP is good. Also, get some Organic Apple Cider Vinergar and put a table spoon in a glass of water and drink it on daily basis, it said to help reduce the oil on the face.

Good luck :)

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So I now have been using the Oxy Maximum 10% Benzoyl Peroxide facewash with the Oxy spot treatment, sometimes Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer as well. I got the oxy facewash, pads, and spot treatment about a week and ahalf ago. Started out using all three of those with the neutrogena moisturizer twice a day. That REALLY dried out my skin so I now started just using the oxy facewash and spot treatment every night. & if Im too tired to use the facewash I just use the pads. About every other night Ill use the neutrogena moisturizer.. It doesnt work too well [i used to use it twice a day and it still did about nothing but waste time], so Im thinking about getting a better moisturizer.

Current condition of my skin: Pretty dry [i find its sometimes flaky]

A couple of pimples;; but I really like the Oxy skin care line. My skin looks more healthy and "glowy" despite it being dry, lol. Thats the only thing I absolutely HATE about Oxy. It leaves your skin soooo dry. Im still planning on using Oxy for about another 2 weeks to see if it actually is working, but I am going to get a different moisturizer.

Also I was doing some research about acne diets and whatnot;; And I think im going to have to work on the inside as well. Because Acne is basically a bacteria infection and in order for your body to be able to fight the acne/infection more efficiently it needs to be healthy. Plus I eat pretty poorly and dont exercise hardly at all. So I am going to start exercising atleast 30 minutes a day/ eating more salads; fruits; alot more healthy things, lol. So I guess Ill write in here in a couple of days or whenever and tell you guys how its going! :)

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