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How I cleared my face with SA + BPO

Hi to all of you who have been struggling with mild, but persistent acne, like I myself was until about a week ago. I think you guys, like me, think of acne as an enemy. But it isn't an unbeatable enemy. They say there's no cure for acne, but I disagree. I have no active lesions, all my marks are fading and no new pimples or blackheads are forming. What's the price of that?

For me, my regimen worked splendidly in a few days, that's why I don't understand people who have been doing something for months and saw no results. If a product worked for me, it worked fast, like Salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide - or, as I'll discuss later, using both of them together. So, if something isn't working, just try something else.

My acne was beginning to get serious a few weeks ago, as a cyst full o pus formed in the middle of my nose. I was getting a lot of nodules but I didn't now that was a characteristic of severe acne. So the reason I decided to get aggressive was basically because of a lot of pustules that kept forming every day between my eyes. They were so many that I felt like... dirty. So I started researching about acne, like I had never done before, and discovered many interesting things and many things I was doing wrong, like some of you, I'm sure. And then I found out about BPO, SA, and other acne treatments.

But before we get to the point let me say something about those "positive thinking", "herbal treatments", and "water only" acne treatments. I don't want to be rude, but there's no science in it. It's only placebo. I can tell that BPO and SA aren't because they worked great for me in a matter of days! Even though SA gave me a small breakout, but that is to be expected.

Another common misconception is that putting a lot of products on your face is bad. It isn't. It's great and it works. Also, when your face is used to the chemicals, then you can use a whole bunch of them together and there won't be any irritation. I'm telling you this because those were my results, and I have very sensitive, even allergic skin.

So, let's get to the point. I cleared my face using Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide together. Separately, they aren't as effective as they could be; together, it's amazing how they're strong against acne. BPO prevents pimples, and SA exfoliates your sking, removing redmarks and blackheads - basically, noninflammatory acne.

Now, you've probably heard that BP + SA can be irritating, even dangerous (I think that's overreacting). To me, it wasn't, at all. But so many people say that the combination is dangerous that you should watch out. Maybe it is for you. I suggest you use your arm as an experiment. In the morning, divide your arm mentally in three parts. In the first part, put BP + SA. In the second, only BP. In the third, only SA. At night, look at your arm again. If there's irritation, don't put the chemicals in your face, because it will be even bigger.

One more thing: I didn't put a lot of the products in my face. Only a small amount is enough. More irritating than using BP with SA is using too much BP or SA.

So, my regimen (twice a day):


Cleanser with salicylic acid and glycolic acid (don't know the concentrations). Twice in the shower.


Applied with a cotton over the skin. 2% salicylic acid.

Treatment (1)

Salicylic acid 2% (I purchased it as a spot treatment, but I use it just like benzoyl peroxide, by applying it on all the affected area).

Treatment (2)

After half an hour, just to let the other product be absorbed and dry. Benzoyl peroxide 10%.


With 0.5% salicylic acid.

Of course it isn't very attractive to people because it has five steps. On the other hand, it clears your face very quickly. Since red marks also fade with this regimen, your skin will look even better.

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The error people make is having 2 active ingrediants in one product.

Like your cleanser.

Making both ingrediants not as effective and maybe even harsh on the skin.

Just to let you know.

But, whatever worked for you, I'm glad. And I hope this could help others aswell.

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