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doxy, once your off

hi everyone. i have lurked on this board on and off for years. i have mild acne, i got a prescript to doxy. i plan to take it for a few months (6 maybe) to stay clear and allow some red marks to heal and such. sort of buy myself some time. when i go off it are things going to come back to how they are pre doxy? my acne is currently not bad but i still occasionally will get a cyst. i am 24 year old male so my hope is that my acne should just go away and not be an issue within the next year. it has definitly improved since i was 18-19 but still erupts every now and than. thanks.

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acnesucks, I highly recommend asking your doctor to wean you off of the antibiotics vs. quitting cold turkey. He can prescribe smaller doses or you can cut your pills in half if a smaller dose is not available. I recommend weaning since you'll be taking them for that long because it's possible for your p. acne bacteria to flare with sudden antibiotic cessation (speaking from multiple experiences). Of course, I, nor anybody else on this board, can tell you for sure if your acne will return or not after you're done. Sorry. :(

ETA: Here's some helpful info that explains what I'm talking about: http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/23069200

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