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Question about a mark left after acne

I have 3 spots that are from an acne breakout I had after an IPL 9 weeks ago. The red marks formed 8 weeks ago and I was using retinol on these marks on the advice of my dermatologist. The marks have gotten a lot smaller. One is still light brown and looks kinda stretched over one of my pores on my left cheek. Is this normal?

I also have another healing mark that is on my right cheek. The color is a very faint pink, but it still looks kinda stretched out over one of my pores and it's a little defined, if that makes sense.

I've asked a dermatologist about these marks and he says he thinks they will go away. But have any of you who have large pores and oily skin, have you had a healing acne mark look stretched out over your pore and look defined? Is this a normal part of healing?

My sister says the brown mark looks like a freckle to her and she said she only noticed it when I pointed it out to her. In some lighting if there is a shadow, I think it makes my skin look pitted, but I don't think this is a pit cuz it's not deep. Does this make sense?

I can't remember the last time I had an acne mark on my cheeks (it's been a long time) and it's been 8 weeks and I just want them gone! My skin is kinda rough looking on my cheeks to begin with from sun damage and large pores, so these 2 acne marks add to it looking worse to me.

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The red marks that flatten out and get stretched over a pore is quite normal, it will take time to fade away.

Large pores and oily skin are effects of acne, the majority of acne sufferers have oily skin and large, open pores.

Red marks can take months to start fading away, a good thing to do is put on sun screen to prevent the red marks from darkening when your in the sun for a long period of time.

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