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Do you feel worse after seeing a dermatologist?

After I see a dermatologist or any kind of skin doctor, I always feel WORSE about my skin. The doctors don't point out every flaw I have, but rather has me say what my issues are or ask about them and then the doctors respond. The doctors never tell me that what I see isn't there. But if I ask if it's as bad as I think they always say no, they've seen worse or that my issue is mild. My issue is that my skin texture on my cheeks have sun damage and appear rough. My forehead, nose and chin look fine though. It's just my cheeks, and it's more my left cheek than my right one. I have a few flesh colored bumps, large pores, oily skin and a general pink/red tone to my skin. I have mild acne breakouts and this just adds to me being upset about my skin. But the pimples don't bother me as much as my skin not looking smooth.

I just wondered if anyone else feels worse after they see a dermatologist and if this is normal?

I never leave the house without makeup and of course I don't wear makeup when I see a dermatologist so I'm self conscious to begin with when I'm at the doctor's office.

btw, I started using the NuCelle oily skin kit this past Sunday to hopefully help smooth my skin texture and control my mild acne breakouts.

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Nah the derm I saw was nice, he made me take off my shirt and examined the very mild acne on my chest and then took a look at my face, under my hair and around the forehead.

Said that my acne was existant on a lot of my face and forehead but didn't make me feel bad nor did he say anything harsh.

and best of all, he put me on Tane just a few days back. :)

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yes i hate going to the dermatologist! i went back over the summer for the 1st time in like 3 years. i came home crying!! i came in for my cystic acne and they just looked at me and said "you dont have acne..... but you have a lot of sun damage!" i was horrified! it just happend to be on a day that my skin wasnt very broke out. but i still had a TON of cysts under the skin that you couldnt see. he prescribed me retin-a-micro and tetracyclen (WHICH I HAD TRIED BEFORE!). he finally decided to put me on accutane a few months later and of course forgot to put my into in the computer and i ened up having to wait 2 months to get accutane. i was pissed. its always a waste of time! at least i finally got accutane and its working for me

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My first derm I ever went to treated me like an object. I was about 11 years old, and I wasn't suffering from acne, but I was getting this weird rash around my nose. The first derm I went to just kind of forcefully felt it and within about 10 seconds prescribed some creams and told me it was a staph infection. I felt like some little object, and that he didn't care enough to give me a serious opinion.

The creams he gave me didn't do anything, so we went to a new derm, who was actually friendly and took some more time. It turned out to be a VERY different kind of infection, and the creams the new derm prescribed fixed my problem in a matter of days.

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