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Advice on adding in BHA/AHA

Currently, I'm using;

Boots Expert Gentle Cleanser

Aquagel 2.5 BP

E45 Moisturiser

I've been using that for a while, and now i want to add in BHA/AHA; to clear up my blackheads, even my skin tone and speed up the fading of red marks.

I've purchased some 'Avene Cleanance K' AHA/BHA gel (pretty much the only AHA/BHA you can get in the UK). The only problem is, the instructions on how to use it aren't that clear.

Do i use it;

After BP

In place of BP (only using BP once a day)

After Moisturising


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i just started using 2% SA and 2.5% BP twice a day. my skin seems to be able to handle it.

if your skin has been "trained" already by the BP, the SA wont really add any more drying.

you could probably manage BP and SA in the morning and BP/SA/AHA at night.

i would put the BP last. people say its better to put BP after SA because the SA apparently opens pores and allows the BP to work better. i put it on after the SA as well because the BP seems to lock in the wet SA and prevents my skin from being oily. after that i add a moisturizer.

im sure you can do either order though.

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