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how many uses will I get out of the samples from acne.org?

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Can anyone tell me how many uses I will get out of the sample packs from acne.org. I received the cleanser and the moisturizer. I have been using it for a couple days in place of my regular cleanser and moisturizer and I love it!

I ordered the full size bottles but I probably won't have it for a few more days.


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They're only .33 ounces, so they're made to only last a couple of days. I'm glad you're liking them though!

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It lasted me about 2 days. :[

I never got a Benzoyl Peroxide Sample though. WHICH MATTERS! :] HAHA

When i order and get a sample, i usually rip it open and poor it onto the big containers which i already have.

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Thanks for the replies. My samples lasted 3 days. I received my full size bottles just in time!

I also ordered the jojoba oil. It has helped soooo much with the flakiness.

Thanks again!

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hi, noobie here; thinking about gettin on the regimen but I didn't wanna start a new topic being a noobie and all so I thought this thread would be appropriate (sorry for hijacking OP). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here knew how long an 8 oz. bottle of the bp treatment would typically last? I don't wanna bite on the 32 oz. yet cause I wanna see how this goes first. Thanks for any replies.

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