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My Skin is Awesome! Here is My Regime...

Hi All!

I havent posted in several months...mainly because I am never on the site. My skin is great! Here is my regime and sorry if you dont like my use of Septra, but the facts are...it works for me.

Daily (prescription) ....1 Septra tablet, Use Finacia all over, Spot treat Pimples with Azelex

Daily (no prescription).....Cetaphil Cleanser, Purpose or Cetaphil Moisturizer

Most Days......Head and Shoulders for hair acne or DHS clear shampoo for Variety

It took several months for all this to work. Previously I have been on accutane.

In my career its important my skin looks not good but incredible and its there now..not perfect...but great! Good luck everyone!!!!

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Hair acne is not usually acne. It is most likely Folliculitis, a staph infection of the hair follicles. This is why Head and Shoulders or DHS work on your hair. The active ingredient in those shampoos are anti-fungal agents. You may want to see your dermatologist to get a culture of your "hair acne". Folliculitis and other staph related infectious diseases are appearing more, due to years of antibiotic use for acne. Folliculitis can be mild, only affecting a few follicles on the head, or affecting all areas of hair on the entire body. The longer you wait, the harder it will become to treat.

Note: I am not a doctor or med student, just sadly know this from experience.

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Thats really interesting. What is the treatment for that then? I had a lot of ear infections when I was little and took antibiotics. Shouldnt the septra I take now take care of that.

Update ..I am still on the same regime, dr. added a special cream for my back....my facial skin is really great now. Rarely any pimples..the red marks all Faded too!!! My skin looks perfect and I get alot of compliments on it. I know I am lucky I didnt scar. I can run around without makeup or cover stick!

I still have some pimples on my back..not good. Lucky I have long hair that covers it. I am using a special cream for my back now. And I hope it helps.

I also still have some in my hair and itchy scalp but the head and shoulders helps a lot. But my face looks good so I am not complaining.

I will check into that staph infection, but it seems like septra would have fixed that?

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