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hyperpigmentation pictures need advice and opinions help!!!!!!!!!

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I've had acne for the past 2 years. now i only have a few new spots a week if even, but I'm left with horrible red and brown marks all over the sides of my face.

About a year ago I started on minocyclene, duac topical and Retin-A topical. I also use acnefree 2.5% bp wash in the shower.

Maybe it's because i don't have long hair anymore but the hyperpigmentation seems worse than ever.

I have brown skin too so it really stands out and won't go away

I'm seeing my derm in 3 days and am hoping to do some chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

I've tried to wait it out and let time make these dissapear with no effect. THis depresses me 24/7 and is ruining my lifestyle. :cry:

please offer your opinions!

I've included photos of my face and what it used to look like





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it looks to me like it's a moisturizer/exfoliant.

doesn't seem like it is powerful enough to erase pigment spots.

would it help?

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You can't just erase pigment spots like that. Moisturisers and exfoliants are two components to help you speed up the process. I used a glycolic acid peel (35% and increased to 60% once my skin grew immune to it) and prevent further spots/acne from developing with a medicated system.

For that I use phisohex cleanser, dermalogica intensive moisture balance as a moisturiser during the day and dermalogica medicated overnight clearing gel (contains 2% Salicylic Acid and other ingredients to slow overproduction of sebum) during the night. I do a peel about once a week and now most of the pigmentation is gone. I had somewhat similiar brown pigmentation to yours, so try it. You need to be consistent though or you won't get the best results.

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The chemical peels are micro will do wonders!

I had my first treatment and saw amazing results after.

I'm going back this week for my next treatment.

However, if you end up not getting it done professionally, you can always buy some Glycolic Acid online and do it yourself.

Good luck!

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I'm also dealing with hyperpigmentation, i think similar to yours. I hate it :( I use azelex as a topical for acne and it is also supposed to help with red marks. I don't notice that it helps a ton with the marks, I think new marks fade pretty fast but the old ones are stubborn. Now I've just incorporated the proactiv toner (it has 5% glycolic acid in it) mainly because I had some leftover, but there are other AHA toners/lotions to try. I'm also going to try the 40% lactic acid peel from puredeming. Lactic and glycolic are both supposed to be helpful, but supposedly lactic is the best for hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately I can't afford professional treatments right now, otherwise I would do that! I think microdermabrasion could be quite helpful, but I'm way too scared to try an at home dermabrasion and as I said I don't have the funds to get it done by the derm. good luck

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i really believe microderm will help a lot because my marks are all on the very surface of my skin, i have no indents or scars

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I have brown skin as well and dealing with hyperpigmentation marks like yours....currently I am using glycolic acid 30% i been using it for 2 months now and my scars faded like 10% but still are noticeable.

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you know what's funny ? my spots are on the exact same places as your's ! i have brown skin too . weird, eh. anyways , i usually squeeze on some cucumber juice in the mornings, weird, i know, but it works if you keep doing it . then at night , i put on some RETIN-A cream my derm recommended for me . also , dont get so depressed about it . i noticed that the more i worry about it, the more i get . like a couple weeks ago at school , i was hiding my face so much . a week after, i decided to not care (hard, i know) for a whole day, and when i went home that day and looked in the mirror, WOW ! you have no idea how much of a difference it made. i still have those same spots, but i dont worry as much as before. dont worry buddy, everyone goes through this shitty cycle . When i look at my friends , it looks like they have perfect skin and all but when i look closer, i see a lot of acne . they just cover it up with makeup , and i dont like to cause it causes more breakouts for me . just watch , in a couple of years , your gonna be looking at your friends' faces and knowing EXACTLY how they feel . be strong <3

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