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Im 16 years old and ive struggled with acne for about 5-6 years now. Ive really tried everything for my face...but nothing really worked. The best ive ever tried was proactive and it cleared like 2 or 3 of my pimples...but i have severe acne you could say..so that really didnt do SQUAT. I finally got prescribed to Accutane, which ive never heard about before, but after researching it for a while i learned a lot about it and the wonders of how it worked for so many people.

Its been 1 month so far and in the first week my lips started to get dry, the second week still about the lips, the third my face starting getting a little dry, the fourth week my face got really dry, and that was it for month 1. After i finished month 1, i missed 3 pills in a row before getting my next prescription of 40mg, and my face seems to be way more oily then it was on week 4 when it was reallly dry, so i guess missing those 3 days made a difference or something, i have no idea. I also have seemed to have lost about 10 pounds in the first month.

What i usually take in the morning with Accutane is at least 2 glasses of milk, and some peanuter butter on bread.

So yea thats about it for month one and 6 days...feel free to comment :dance:



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were gonna need bigger pictures because i cant see any acne on ur face right now oO but good luck!

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