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ProActiv system minus the Repairing Lotion??

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Does anybody have any experience, or would recommend continuing using the first 2 steps of the proactiv system, and then use Dan's Gel, as the last step? Substituting the Repairing Lotion? I really need to find a cost-effective alternate as I'm going to university in the fall, anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!!

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Why dont you just use the regimen man? Ive gotten 100% results and i dont even do it properly

1. Wash face with Solugel

2. Apply one finger of BP to each side of face

3. Enjoy clear face biggrin.gif

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Solugel eh?? I'll have to give this a shot, thanks bro! I've heard of this in the past, actually I remember seeing it, and I think I tried it before, but with minimum success, though, that was a long time ago, tongue.gif

Do you do this in the morning, and at night? Or just once in the morning? Thanks!


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Morning and night, however I would recomment that you follow the regimen as is directed on the site

youre a member on this site and youve never tried the regimen before??

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lol.. Actually yea, I was waiting on Dan's BPGel to be released, before I started the regimen, to find out what is more cost efficient, I've been using ProActiv for a LONG time.. almost 2 and a half years it works.. OK, but not great anymore, so I'm now actively looking for alternates. Oh, btw, I didn't even realize Solugel was a wash? I actually that it was a BPGel, or maybe both.. ?? lol, thanks bro for the advice.


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Try Purpose Cleansing Wash.. its one of the only gentle washes that takes off my makeup

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The Proactiv wash is too harsh because it has BP in it. Then the toner further strips your skin. I tried that method and it was not good. Now, I use Purpose wash, which has no BP in it and it VERY gentle. And then a ton of On-The-Spot (soon to be replaced by Dan's Gel).

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