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how people see me under it all

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Sometimes i wonder how people would react if they saw me without make-up on.

Like family and friends that never see me without make-up.

I think they wouldn't believe im the same person. Sometimes I think I have such a bad perception of myself that im making myself seem worse then I actually am.I think ok i put on my makeup and go out to the bar most likely get attention. Then I think well what happens if I wasn't wearing any makeup, i know people would treat me different.

So what happens if i meet somone and they see me with this fakeness on, then one day I wear no make-up will they recgonize me? still think im beautiful? most likely not. I know this sounds really werid, kind of making it seem like im wearing a mask all the time but i honestly sometimes wonder. I feel fake and i hate it. It makes me so sad, and i feel like im never going to be able to be close to anyone again because i think they are judging me. I can't believe how silly i sound over a red marks on my face but its just something i feel like i wont be able to get over. Does anyone elseo feel this way or am i just crazy? lol i dont want a pitty party i just want to know if anyone can relate?

To me you're really psyching yourself into a frame of mind that's not good, healthy or productive. And it's something where you can build on it mentally so it can get out of control and emotionally painful. So.......what's the solution? Is it okay being concerned with your acne? Sure, of course it is, but limit yourself to how long you can focus on it, and INSTEAD focus on accepting yourself and loving yourself just the way you are. Because that's what love really is, and if you don't love yourself, then truthfully who's going to love you? Love has nothing to do with your acne, it has to do with YOU, and you're NOT your acne. You're not, you may even psych yourself into thinking you are, but know that you're not.

So how do you feel better about yourself even if you're broken out? Here's my suggestions. One, think about other people you've met or known who've had some kind of condition (acne or otherwise) where someone might see them as different. But did they really put them down or degrade them in any way? Prob not, and IF they did that's actually about the person doing the putdowns (i.e. they don't feel very good about THEMSELVES) than about the person making fun of them. How immature and insecure is that? So look at yourself and say, "Would I treat someone that way if THEY had acne?" No, so be part of the solution rather than part of the problem thinking about people who feel the need to judge you. Be the kind of person you want to find in your life and you'll attract that boyfriend into your life.

Second, how about loving yourself more? How? Look in the mirror and speak these words, "I'm beautiful just the way I am even if I have acne!" Say it 1,000 times a day or any other positive affirmations. It puts you in a positive mental frame of mind. What else? Help someone else out, the org is an easy place to do that. Why? Because it actually helps YOU feel better through helping someone out. Don't believe me? Try it and get back to me.

And when your feelings are pain and frustration over your skin. Go thru and GROW thru the pain and frustration, the only way out of it is through it. Remind yourself that it's only pain and that you can get through it, resolve it and move on. And when the tears are done, STOP :hand: reset your mind towards positive, grateful thoughts and keep your chin up always.

Remember love is something you must have for yourself so that you can give it to others. How can you give away what you don't have for yourself? It's not possible, so when you have it for yourself, you can give it away to others and attract more of it into your life.

BTW, have you checked the pinned thread at the top of this forum? It's called "Challenging the challenges caused by acne," why don't you read it and post? :D

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Make up doesn't always do THAT much, unless you're like Oprah, who gets it professionally done. Haha

Most of the time, make up is letting the real you shine through; you just look more polished.

I could bet $50 you look just as gorgeous without makeup on. :)

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A billy joel lyric which I have exclusively dedicated to acne myself from the song "The Stranger" goes like this:

"well we all have a face that we hide away forever and we take them out and show ourselves when everyone has gone,

some are satin some are steel, some are silk and some are leather,

they're the faces of a stranger but we love to try them on"

"Well we all fall in love, but we disregard the danger,

though we share so many secrets there are some we never tell,

why were you so surprised that you never saw the stranger,

did you ever let your lover see the stranger in yourself?"

Its a song I turn to when I feel bad about it and I realize that even people without acne don't show their true selves. We're all strangers in a world of strangers.

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I can completely relate to you. I do sometimes feel like I'm wearing a mask, and that if I ever did not wear it people would react differently towards me. Honestly, yes some people would react differently, but those are not the kind of people that I want to surround myself with, as I'm sure you don't either. Just remember that those people who are worth having in your life will love you and respect you know matter what you look like (with make-up or without!). And if you ever need to vent or get support I'm always here :)

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Hey, i feel the exact same way, honestly, i feel so fake when i have all this make up on and it's really depressing. I wish i didn't have to wear it, i look SO different without it.. It really gets to me because i wonder how people would treat me if they saw me without it too..(only person who's seen me without it is my best friend, who i really trust but even then i felt so rubbish, just wanted to hide somewhere..

I've been pushing people out of my life recently a lot due to this, i can't bear to get really close to someone i like and then if they saw me with no make up on they would just want to run..

It kinda makes you feel like a prisoner doesn't it? and makes you wonder if people would still like you for the real you :ninja:

Maybe one day we'll overcome this, hopefully :rolleyes:

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looking at your profile picture, you are hot! please don't hate yourself like so many great looking women on this forum, seriously you look stunning, I can't even tell you have acne :s

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I also typed this message in response to someone elses post and had so much to say so I copied and pasted it for---so dont think I'm crazy if you see it elsewhere, I dont want to give the wrong impression.

Hello Kaitleean,sorry to hear you feel depressed but tonight I felt I wanted to help someone and if not you on this board then someone else who might read this because I know how you feel acne is very tough to deal with, i'd cry and pray for some permanent cure. I tried everything you have; panoxyl, tetracycline, neutrogena, clearasil.......everything in the book. A friend of mine referred to me to Ortho Tricyclen because it worked for them and I tried it and believe me it works.

If you are able to take those birth control pills I would recommend it just ask your gynaecologist to prescribe it. I have been taking it for years and I had facial and body acne and it all cleared up. I am not kidding and I hope I don't sound like I market that pill or work with that company because I don't. My spirit led me here tonight to help anyone who'd read it and who can take the pills because I know some people have medical issues and cannot take them.

But to summarize if you have insurance to decrease the cost and you're healthy to take them BELIEVE ME you will not regret it. Acne would make me feel so low at times like everyone was looking at my bumps and everyone would ask what's wrong with my skin but after the pill worked I gained so much confidence you have no idea and everyone commented on how great my skin looked. Well merry christmas (hope I brought you a gift or possibly someone else) take care.

PS. For guys I just remembered that Retin A micro worked great for me (since I know you can't take birth control pills :dance: ) the only thing with Retin A was that I think it had the usual acne meds drying feeling on my skin but it stripped the pimples, the bad with Retin A micro though is that I had to always use but i was very satisfied with the results. :whistle:

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