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Former Accutane Taker --- Just thought I'd share my story

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Hey all--

So I'm not sure what prompted me to do this; I've been off Accutane for 5 years now. I just remember how much these blogs helped me through my darkest hours, so I thought I'd share my experience in hopes that it may help someone else.

In High School, I had always had troublesome skin, I guess, but nothing that makeup couldn't help me with. It would get bad at times, and I had a dermatologist, but nothing like the cystic acne that followed when I ventured off to college.

I don't know whether it was the stress of leaving home, the new environment I was exposed to, or whatever else but my skin absolutely exploded. I don't have any pictures because I refused to take them; all I can say is my face was swollen, all over, with acne. So much so it hurt to wash my face in the shower. I tried everything. I called in prescription medications from my dermatologist back home, took antibiotics -- I did everything right but it just got worse. I was completely depressed, and spent my freshman year essentially sheltered from the new scene I had entered because of embarrassment. I know how it feels.

My docter put me on Accutane. I started and maintained 40 mill's a day. My side effects were pretty rough -- I still have a scar in the center of my bottom lip from where it cracked because of the dryness. I had the nose bleeds, and even couldn't produce a BM without bleeding what seemed to be a lot. Conctepation, dryness, I had it all to the book.

It took a couple of months, but by the end of my cycle, my skin was better than it had ever been and it was definitely worth all of the hardships. I remember hearing horror stories about skin going back to how it was, and all the pain and suffering not being worth it. I still get zits now and then, sometimes even what feels like a massive break out. BUT, when I feel like this happens, I think back to where I was before the help of this medication and it no where compares.

I use Acne Free, the proactiv mimic, as my system five years later, and I have what I think is pretty damn good skin. I use the ZENO on the rare occasion I get a honker...but for the most part, my skin is in great shape. I am still so thankful to the confidence and life-changing help that Accutane gave to me.

It's a hard road on the drug -- but if you are depressed and afraid to socialize as I was -- it is definitely worth all of the hardships. It works.

Hope this helps someone -- I just wanted to give back since I read these when I needed them!! I've attached a pic for proof!

All the best,





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WOW, you're skin looks amazing:) you look great!!

Let me say thank you for being someone to finally share a positive story. All i read are the horror stories about how you can have muscle pain forever and it can be degenerative and all this stuff!

thank you!!

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