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Wtf very confused. How to get rid of pimples and red marks at the same time?

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So ive been reading on these threads for a while now. As we know apparently the best thing for getting rid of acne/pimples is cleansing/BP/moisterizer. Well Ive been doing that for a while and it hasnt been that succesful. Yes i have good weeks where its all clear, then i get a break out and yes i admit it i do try and pop and pick at some and thats whats given me redmarks and light scars. My acne isnt really bad its just when i get pimples i freak out and try and pop them. I have also been doing the ACV toner thing on my face also drinking it too. For a while it was working great but then making my skin too dry and i didnt do it as frequently and i started to break out again.

I have been reading that BP prolongs red marks and makes them worse. WTFFF? How am i suppose to stop reoccuring pimples but at the same time get rid of my redmarks witht the ACV if BP is just counter acting this. Does anyone have advice on how to do this. Also i was gonna try Bio- Oil has anyone uses taht before with good resutls?

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I highly recomend you find an altenative to BP if you are prone to red marks. BP can seriously aggrevate them and make the healing process longer.

I suggest you look at a topical retinoid or finacea, not only are they ideal for keeping you from breaking out, but they are great for scaring (retanoid) and red marks (finacea). topical retinoids are usually perscription only, finacea is availble otc (try online)

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