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Excessive ACV??

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ive heard from someone that they apply acv to the face around 5 times in a row, each right after the previous application drys. i guess this completely saturates your skin and gets better penetration deep into the poors. i tried it today, i would put it on and wait for it to dry. when it drys i put on some more. i did this until my face stopped drying out from it. i guess my skin was so saturated and hydrated with acv that it couldnt dry out anymore. i have been less oily throughout the day and my skin is more evened out. im going to try this for a few days and see how it turns out.

i use:

one part acv

one part water

and a little tea tree oil

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I don't think you need to do that. Make sure you are drinking the ACV as well. i drink 4 or 5 gulps of it a day, and apply it to my face morning and night on a cotton ball after cleansing. I've been doing this for 4 weeks and my face is completley clear .. minus one healing scab. You may get an initial breakout around week 2-3... mine was mild compared to some but still not very pleasant.

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well i might just up the mixture to 3 parts acv to 1 parts water. i have actually been using acv topically for about a month. it worked great at first but i guess my skin got used to the low amount of it. i may just try using more acv and less water, eventually getting to where i use pure acv. im also still on the cows milk diet, so ill see how it goes from here.

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Applying it externally should be ok, I dont think there is a limit on that, as i completely owned my face with an ACV over dose during the breakout and it did me allot of good :)

Just dont over dose on the drinking, after all ACV is an acid, and can do you allot of internal damage if taken too much.

If it works for you with no side effects theres no harm in keeping it up, just make sure you do it at night because after a while you get used to the smell and forget its there, if your over dosing it on your face, and applying it in the morning you might start stink :P just be carefull about that lol.

Good luck!

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ha ha I agree with sirus about the smell, vinegar is just not a nice odour. I think u should be ok with the external application, just keep an eye on things. If it begins to sting or the skin gets irritated then reduce the dosage.

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