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To anyone here who's done a fast - I'm just curious - how well did it work out for you in the manner of clearing your skin? I'm considering water fasting for a few days just to see how it goes, if it has any affect I might try it for a longer period in the future. Basically, I just want to know what fast you did, how long you did it for, and what the results were. :think:

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I've done two apple fasts, each for three days. It definitely helps your skin, but you will feel like absolute shit by about mid-second day. You feel like you have the flu or a bad fever-- light-headed, weak, no energy, etc. I remember before doing my first one, I didn't think it would be that hard. I found those three days to be the hardest three days of my life! But my girlfriend had recently broken up with me, so I had a chip on my shoulder and that kept me from giving in and surviving it.

I think I also lost about 9 pounds from it. Your skin will definitely look better while you are doing it, but afterwards it will probably revert back to looking worse.

I think the benefits from fasting come way after you are done with the actual fasts. I've done two, and they have definitely snuffed my appetite-- permanently. I can get by with a lot less food now-- I swear the fasts "shrunk" my stomach or something. I can now wake up at 6 am and make it all the way to noon with just 3-4 glasses of water (w/ Pro Greens) and not even feel hungry.

I'll quit rambling... but in short, I definitely reccomend a fast or two. It will help shrink your appetite and kill cravings, which in the long term will definitely help your skin (I am much less likely to binge now-- I get by w/ a lot less food). Just make sure that while you are doing it, don't exercise and try to do it during a weekend or when you have some time to just vegetate around your house, watch movies, play video games, etc.

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