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Broken Bacterial flora possible???

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little about me at first:

I started getting mild acne when i was 13-14, and i started with some mild cleansers.

when i was about 15-16 years old, my doctor prescribed me Dalacin, to use in the face for 2 times a day.. i used this product for almost a year i think, and it worked sooo well, UNTIL one day. I suddenly got some other problem.. some eczema of a kind. the docs coudnt tell why or what, but it went away some months later..


the case:

Ive always had mild acne with some small breakouts, but in early september this year my face totally f*cked up.. .. in less then 1 month it got from mild to severe acne. and my diagnose is now acne conglobata....... and from what ive heard, its one of the worst acne its possible to get. Also it itches and hurts like hell, and i find it very hard to live right now because of it.

Is it possible that my bacterial flora is ruined for good by acne cleansers and other acne medicals?

PS: some of the medicals i have been using the last 4 years:






some babour cleansers

proactiv solution




aloe vera


and now accutane

I FEAR that severe use of cleansers and antibiotics may have destroyed my skin bacterial flora(in face) Especially the antibiotics including the dalacin..

can this be a possibility, and is it any way to get it fixed?

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if that's the case, you could try not washing (you can use the search function & you'll find a bunch of threads about only using water on your face) or go for a super gentle regimen (cetaphil gentle cleaner + shea butter, use only those two, absolutely never anything else and wear no makeup [i know i'm always pushing shea butter, but this would really be good for you since if you get an all-natural one shea butter is the only ingredient...]). you will break out massively but if it is a lack of good bacteria problem your skin will adjust itself after a few months.

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thx for fast reply. i am currenty jusin water only. once a day, every 2. day. and i moisture alot. i dont know for sure if my flora is destroyed, but i just have to know that if thats the case, is it possible to get it back to normal?

do you have any experience with this yourself?

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