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Mild Acne Accutaine User

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Hello my name is David,

I am a 16 year old who has been struggling with acne since i was in 6th grade. I am a junior now in high school and have found no relief at all. I've tried pretty much everything under the sun, however, that statement is partially untrue. I believe that I have a very bad dermatologist but it could just be because my mom is a doctor and likes to hog the conversation whenever i visit.

Basically, nothing has worked so I am now on Accutane. My older brother had SEVERE (very very severe) acne. It worked like magic for him. I however, have bad/mild acne but it never has gotten to the point that his did.

So basically I am trying to get a full scale view of the successes and horror stories.

My brother survived it completely fine, does this likely mean I will too?

I'm very worried, considering side effects have usually been "effects" to me. I hardly go on medication with out experiencing side effects rather immediately.

I went to the gym today and noticed my back started to hurt rather immediately.


I want to know the plausible LONG TERM side effects of this drug

i have a history of depression / suicidal thoughts

obviously im on close watch... i may even consider going on Prozac again

but i want to know.

-will this make me "more" depression prone in the long run?

-is it highly likely acne will return?

-i have veerrry thick hair, anyone else with thick hair... id like to know if it survived.

-does my liver repair itself once im off these pills?

and any other things i should know/

thanks! :confused:

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