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Considering Laser Scar Removal

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I am considering having the Ultrapulse Deep Fx for my acne scarring. I am having trouble making a decision and am asking for help in making this decision. Here are my hangups:

1) I haven't had a cyst for about a month. No active acne for one month. Thats it though. Is that long enough to be stable before tackling the scarring?

2) I have a break from school right now until Jan 5th. I had my consultation and they said they could do it on Dec 23rd. That means at home by myself for Xmas. Hard to advise me on this one, I know. I also have a break in March and a break in May, and then next December. They said its better to do it in the winter. So, I kind of feel like its now or next year.

3) How do you know which treatment is best for you? A normal situation, you go to the doctor, they prescribe the antibiotic. You don't do your own research on the antibiotics, figure out which one you'd prefer and then find the doctor that prescribes that one antibiotic. You know? I'm wondering if I need subscision before the laser treatment. How would I know?

4) I was seen by a "consultant" for the laser treatment. The doctor to perform the procedure won't see me until procedure day. Is that okay?

I am just wondering to those you who have made the decision to do some sort of optional major treatment, what was it that pushed you to do it? It takes courage, I know.

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I think that it depends on what type of scars you have. If you have rolling scars you should have subcision done several times before getting a laser treatment if you have ice pick scars you should have them surgically removed or have TCA spot treatments done. As far as the doctor not seeing you until the day of the laser treatment I think that sounds kind of strange. The doctor should look at you first to make sure there isn't anything else he can do to make sure you get the best treatment plan. Most doctors think several different treatments instead of just lasers alone work best. You should go to a couple of doctors and see what they say.

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Thanks Nicole. I will do some research now on those treatments you mentioned before making my decision. If you have any pointers on things I can read, feel free to pass them on. I feel a little bit hasty if I do the Total Fx in one week. I have only been reading about scar treatments for about 2 months. But another factor is that I've heard that treating new scars has a better outcome than old scars. My scars are less than one year old.

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really do your research. there are so many people that get lasers pushed on them and they come out worse than before, or with no results at all. these doctors have to push hard to make enough money to pay these machines off. ask for extensive before/after pictures. do not settle

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