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Extreme Effects Using Tazorac

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I'm on Tazorac now for about 9 months, effects started to happen on my 8th month while using Tazorac.

Tazorac caused pores to open on my face so much that it looks like someone nailed my face with construction nails.

Also I have just discovered and researched that there is no cure for open pores, you can heal them a little bit, but not cure them.

I would much better stay having acne on my face then have open pores that look like I have extreme holes almost all over my face.

Some people may not experience the extreme open pores on their face, I'm just warning you guys what Tazorac can do and how it can mess up your face.

I have an appointment with my Dermatologist in the mid January so I'm gonna ask him more closely how I can cure the pores and see what he will say about it.

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Did you guys by any chance try to pick or scrape off the blackheads? I know this can lead to long-term open/enlarged pores (one reason why those blackhead removing strips from cosmetic companies really were a bad idea).

I've been on Tazorac for over a year (in high school) and I had no pore-related problems. I did have a whole shrew of other horrible side effects though.

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I noticed the pores on my face 1 month ago, that was when I was on my 8th month of using Tazorac, currently I'm on the 9th month of using Tazorac.

Before my 8th month of using Tazorac I did not have any pores on my face and now I have lots of them, mostly on my nose and upper cheeks.

I do not touch my face except when I apply the medications, that includes morning and night time, nothing else.

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I had the exact same problem and I am so desperate!!! Before my pores were pretty small and now they look like my 48 year old mother's!!! HUGE AND GROSS! I really don't know what to do:((

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